The SOS for Migraine Relief

Are you constantly taking medication, or being knocked out for several days due to a migraine?

Migraine, the most complicated and debilitating of headaches, people who suffer migraine conditions generally think the only treatment available to them is medical or drug based and that natural headache relief is ineffective. With a little knowledge of how to approach migraine treatment structurally people are finding ways to turn off or lessen these episodes. Most therapists look at chemical imbalances and lifestyle modifications like, recognizing the onset or trigger that brings on a headache, using things like hot showers or sleep in a darkened room to turn off or lessen the attack.

You may not think your back or neck is “out or restricted in movement” as though you need to see the Osteopath or Chiropractor, but the musculature is so spasmed and clamped down, you have a “blinding headache”. Slowly people started telling me about turning off migraine attacks if they caught them early enough. People were then finding that if they did a bit of regular massage with the S.O.S the attacks would be less intense, shorter in duration and required less medication.

Even with basic treatment such as relaxation, the S.O.S. places the neck and head IN a relaxed position, the “traction” the S.O.S. achieves on the sub-occiput (base of the skull), gives support and comfort to the whole cranium. Going through a series of deep breathing exercises while in this position, helps the body drain fluid from the head – venous blood gets backed up if the sub-occiput is tight and restricted.

Once a migraine has set-in it is generally too severe to go anywhere near the cranium with traction etc, the Osteopathic technique of “inhibition” (placing pressure across a muscle to put it on stretch and letting that pressure be continuous until the muscle “lets go”) can be achieved with the S.O.S.

Placing the S.O.S. between the shoulders and just sitting back against it in a chair or couch, for 10 – 15 minutes BEFORE using the S.O.S. in the lying position.

Muscles all, contract toward their “origin”, pulling ON their “insertion”, while using the S.O.S. as just described, the inhibition technique allows the muscle to ease off, pulling less on their “insertions”. In the neck, most of the postural muscles have their “origins” in and around the shoulder girdle and their “insertions” in and around the neck and base of the head (sub-occiput).

Sometimes this is all a patient needs, to break the cycle and ease the pulling or pressure on their heads, some people need to take medication as well, but often this is noticeably reduced by using the S.O.S. With this device people can get to understand the role that their structure plays in the symptoms they suffer, they know more about how their structure reacts than most therapists could ever hope to.

The amount of soft tissue treatment you can give yourself with the S.O.S. could never be afforded by a therapist, you can take the S.O.S. anywhere with you - work, holiday, Christmas visits with relatives and you DON'T need to power it up. It does NOTHING, you do it all.

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