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MP3 Hypnotism sessions
Self Improvement
Building Self Confidence
Building Self Esteem
Be Yourself Socially
Overcoming Shyness
Develop Optimism
Cool Down Blushing
Assertiveness Training
Saying No
Stay Calm with THAT Person
Feel Attractive Now
Overcome Insecurity
Stop Negative Thoughts
Conversation Starter
Get Out Your Own Way
Weight Loss - Eat Healthy
Exercise Motivation
Healing Power
Quit Smoking - Stay Stopped
Get Rid of Migraines
Tension Headaches
Beat Cannabis Dependence
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Overcome Chocolate Addiction
Get Rid of Warts
Stop Grinding your Teeth
Hangover Cure
Lower Blood Pressure
Drink Less Coffee
Reduce Morning Sickness Symptoms
Independence in Relationships
Insecurity in Relationships
Fear of Commitment
Spark Your Relationship
Get Over a Relationship
Dating Confidence
Approaching Women
Meeting People Made Easy
Personal Development
Interview Anxiety
Self Motivation Booster
Public Speaking Confidence
Improving Concentration and Focus
Creativity Booster
Increase Emotional Intelligence
Achieve Your Potential
Overcoming Procrastination
Motivation At Work
Believe in Yourself
Best Man Speech
Creative Thinking Strategy
Speaking Foreign Languages
Relief from Pain
Pain Management
Lessen Pain
Hip Pain
Relieve Knee Pain
Weight Loss
Think Yourself Thin
Super Slim Me
Stop TV Eating
Emotional Eating
Boredom Eating
Stop Binge Eating
Sweet Tooth
Healthy Food
Stop Comfort Eating
No More Fast Food
Weight Loss Motivation
Fears and Phobias
Fear of Rejection
Fear of Confrontation
Fear of Failure
Stop Panic Attacks
Fear of Flying
Fear of Elevators
Unfamiliar Surroundings
Social Phobia
Fear of Dentists
Overcome Fear & Anxiety
Fear of Heights
Driving Test
Exam Nerves
Cure Bird Phobia
Overcome Fear of Hospitals
Cure Fear of Needles
Cure Spider Phobia
Fear of Driving
Fear of Success
Cure Snake Phobia
Driving over Bridges
Water Phobia
Afraid of the Dark
Enclosed Spaces
Wedding Anxiety
Can't Perform?
Anxiety about Sex
Anger Management
Stop Premature Ejaculation
Dealing with Guilt
Cure Impotence
Stop Nail Biting
Troubled Childhood
Overcoming Hypochondria
Overcome Jealousy
Diminish Alcohol Abuse
Stuttering Therapy
Reduce Road Rage
Wake to a Dry Bed
Insomnia Cure
Writing Unblocker
Compulsive Hair Pulling
Prevent Alcohol Relapse
Midlife Worries
Stress Management
Energy Booster
Relieve Stress and Tension
Improve Your Mood
Stress Management Training
A Healthy Rest
The Four Seasons
A Warm Place
The Island
Get to sleep
Meditate and Relax